Do you know the difference between Poem and Poetry?

Do you know the difference between Poems and Poetry?

Many of us commonly perceive poem and poetry are synonymous term. There are few who hardly believes that there are any differences between poem and poetry. The two words poem and poetry are interchangeably used. But if we put the lens on these two terms the difference could be easily noticeable.

A poet is one who composes poems and thus creates poetry in the process. He is just like a potter who is adept in making pot and creating the art form of pottery in the process.

Difference between Poem and Poetry

Poem Poetry
Oxford dictionary defines poem as “a piece of writing in which the expression of feelings and ideas is given intensity by particular attention to diction (sometimes involving rhyme), rhythm, and imagery.” Oxford dictionary defines poems “literary work in which the expression of feelings and ideas is given intensity by the use of distinctive style and rhythm; poems collectively or as a genre of literature.”
A poem is the fundamental unit of poetry


Poetry is a literary art of writing poem
A poem is a written piece of work


Poetry is a literary form
Poem is individual piece of work


Poetry is collected work
It is primary imagination


It is secondary imagination
It deals with subject


It deals with object
Poem is different than prose


Poetry may be a part of prose
A poem is the result or the effect of writing poetry Poetry is the process of creating a literary piece using metaphor, symbols and ambiguity, rhythm, prosody etc.


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The person alone can be called a poet who composes poetry frequently. He who composes poems occasionally cannot be called a poet but can be called a versifier.

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