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Writing for us is a wonderful platform to show your literary talent and expertise in the field. Moreover you will get SEO benefits and a good exposure from this 6 years old blog with high DA (DA-27, as per MOZ) and huge number of traffic. Being a literary community blog, I always encourage upcoming bloggers, readers, entrepreneurs and  content writers to contribute an original article related to the topic.

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Topics to Write

You may write any topic related to English Literature as the title of the blog clearly mentions this. Here I am picking a few suitable topics for you:

  • Literary Criticism
  • Notes on Literary Genre (Poetry, Novel, Essay, Drama, short story etc.)
  • History of Literature (English, American, Canadian, Australian, Indian, Russian etc.)
  • Literary Theories
  • Literary Trends
  • Literary Style
  • Literary Essay on Current Topics
  • Literary Terms
  • Linguistics
  • Interesting facts related to literature
  • Creative Writing

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The Benefits You achieve

  • Exposure to a massive audience
  • Earning Name and Fame as a content writer
  • SEO Benefits – Our articles are usually indexed within hours.
  • Link Building to this blog will enhance your Domain Authority (DA) and ranking in Google.

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Submission Guidelines

  • Your content must be plagiarism free.
  • Your article must be 700+ words and offer something valuable to our readers.
  • Originality and standard must be well accepted.
  • Outgoing links must be relevant to our blog. (Only links topic related to literature is allowed)
  • Add subheadings, bullet points, paragraphs to make the article more readable.
  • All About English Literature reserve the right to do minor edits to your article.
  • Once published on our blog you cannot publish it anywhere else, even in your own blog.
  • Images, infographics and videos are encouraged, they make the article look nice and grabs the reader’s attention.
  • Images width should be 500 pixels or less. 

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Using copied content is a gross violation of cyber law and it is always against terms and conditions enforced by Google.

All About English Literature respects every individual’s potentialities and works.

You may copy the ideas and pick keywords for your article, not each words and lines from other’s work.

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Please note All About English Literature will not pay for your articles. In exchange we will provide you free quality do-follow back-links from our blog which is not the least.

To submit your article idea, please fill the form below, carefully. We will let you know if your article is found suitable for publication.