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The Alchemist Review

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A global phenomenon, The Alchemist , a graphic novel has been read and
loved by over 80 million readers, topping bestseller lists in 74 countries
worldwide. Now this magical fable is beautifully repackaged in an edition that
lovers of Paulo Coelho will want to treasure forever.

symbols, signs, and adventure follow the reader like echoes of ancient wise
voices in “The Alchemist”, a novel that combines an atmosphere of
Medieval mysticism with the song of the desert. With this symbolic masterpiece
Coelho states that we should not avoid our destinies, and urges people to follow
their dreams, because to find our “Personal Myth” and our mission on
Earth is the way to find “God”, meaning happiness, fulfillment, and
the ultimate purpose of creation.

The novel tells the tale of Santiago, a boy who has a dream and
the courage to follow it. After listening to “the signs” the boy
ventures in his personal, Ulysses-like journey of exploration and
self-discovery, symbolically searching for a hidden treasure located near the
pyramids in Egypt.
When he decides to go, his father’s only advice is “Travel
the world until you see that our castle is the greatest, and our women the most
. In his journey, Santiago sees the greatness of the world, and
meets all kinds of exciting people like kings and alchemists. However, by the
end of the novel, he discovers that “treasure lies where your heart
belongs”, and that the treasure was the journey itself, the discoveries he
made, and the wisdom he acquired.
The Alchemist“, is an exciting novel that bursts with
optimism; it is the kind of novel that tells you that everything is possible as
long as you really want it to happen. That may sound like an oversimplified
version of new-age philosophy and mysticism, but as Coelho states “simple
things are the most valuable and only wise people appreciate them”
As the alchemist himself says, when he appears to Santiago in the
form of an old king “when you really want something to happen, the whole
universe conspires so that your wish comes true”
. This is the core of the
novel’s philosophy and a motif that echoes behind Coelho’s writing all through
“The Alchemist”. And isn’t it true that the whole of humankind
desperately wants to believe the old king when he says that the greatest lie in
the world is that at some point we lose the ability to control our lives, and
become the pawns of fate. Perhaps this is the secret of Coelho’s success: that
he tells people what they want to hear, or rather that he tells them that what
they wish for but never thought possible could even be probable.

Coelho also
suggests that those who do not have the courage to follow their “Personal
, are doomed to a life of emptiness, misery, and unfulfillment. Fear
of failure seems to be the greatest obstacle to happiness. As the old
crystal-seller tragically confesses: “I am afraid that great
disappointment awaits me, and so I prefer to dream”
. This is where Coelho
really captures the drama of man, who sacrifices fulfillment to conformity, who
knows he can achieve greatness but denies to do so, and ends up living a life
of void.

It is interesting to see that Coelho presents the person who
denies to follow his dream as the person who denies to see God, and that
“every happy person carries God within him”. However, only few people
choose to follow the road that has been made for them, and find God while
searching for their destiny, and their mission on earth.

Consequently, is Coelho suggesting that the alchemists found God
while searching for the elixir of life and the philosopher’s stone? What is
certain is that the symbolism of the text is a parallel to the symbolism and
the symbolic language of alchemism, and similarly the symbolism of dreams is
presented as ” God’s language”.
It is also symbolic that Santiago finds his soul-mate, and the secrets
of wisdom in the wilderness of the desert. The “wilderness” is a
symbol that has been used by many great writers e.g.. Austen in “Mansfield
“, and Shakespeare in “King Lear“. In the desert, Santiago
meets his “twin-soul” and discovers that love is the core of
existence and creation. As Coelho explains, when we love, we always try to
improve ourselves, and that’s when everything is possible. The subject of love
inspires a beautiful lyricism in Coelho’s writing: “I love you because
the whole universe conspired for me to come close to you.”

The Alchemist” is a novel that may appeal to everybody,
because we can all identify with Santiago: all of us have dreams, and are dying
for somebody to tell us that they may come true. The novel skillfully combines
words of wisdom, philosophy, and simplicity of meaning and language, which
makes it particularly readable and accounts for its bestselling status.

Everyone who is such a seeker should read this optimistic
book of one who seems to have succeeded in the process of turning a potentially
base life into a golden achievement, a true alchemist’s conversion.

The Alchemist Paulo Coelho Summary

At the onset of the Alchemist, we
meet Santiago – a simple shepherd
who lives in Andalusia, a small village in Spain. He has no big desires in life
all he wants is to be free to roam with his sheep, little wine and a book in
his bag. Soon things change… he gets a repeated dream of a great treasure,
hidden under the Egyptian Pyramids. One day, he meets Melchizedek – king of a
distant land, who encourages Santiago to
 chase his dream and treasure. Santiago also sells his sheep and
sets off journey towards the desert.

But unfortunately, on the very first day in the
new country, a clever thief robs Santiago. Broken Santiago finds a job with a
crystal merchant – just to get some money to go back to his home. But soon he
learns all the tricks and makes the merchant’s business successful.

Days run, at one-point Santiago realizes
that he’s just getting comfortable
with things as they are, instead of pursuing his personal legend. That
strives Santiago to restart his journey, he joins a caravan which travels
across the desert. He meets an English man on the caravan,  who’s
looking for the 200-year-old alchemist. That English man is an avid-reader who
tells Santiago that the alchemist lives in the nearby oasis.

The caravan stops near an Oasis
since there’s a tribal war on the way. There, he finds 
Fatima – a girl from the
deserts. They fell in love with each other and starts living together near the
oasis. One day, Santiago envisions an attack on the Oasis and save all the
people and animals over there. His inception to predict the future makes him
popular across the desert, that the alchemist himself pays a visit to Santiago.
The alchemist promises to guide Santiago towards the treasure. 
Fatima too encourages Santiago to chase his

The very next day, Santiago resumes his journey
with the alchemist towards the treasure pyramids, but both are captured by some
refugees on the way. At the climax, with his strong confidence and magical
powers, Santiago speaks to Sun and Wind – to bring the rain. Frustrated
refugees beat up Santiago, but one of them reveals that the treasure is not in
here in the pyramids, but they’re there at “Andalusia” – the small village in
from where Santiago’s all
the journey began

The story ends as Santiago
discovers the treasure, right at a tree in Andalusia – where he’d his first
dream. With all the fortunes, Santiago goes back to the deserts to meet his
love, Fatima.

Top 5 Lessons in The Alchemist

The book is full of lessons and pieces of
inspiration spread all through the story. Perhaps, I need a full post to list
all of them. Here are some of the 5 important takeaways in my view:

1. Listen to your
heart and follow your dreams

2. Live
in the present.

3. Watch
out for “signs” of the Universe that tries to help you.

4. Never
give-up on failures.

5. The treasure is where you are but you need to go out to know it.

Not all
of us can find Santiago within us; we all have dreams, but not everyone is
ready to quit the contented life and start chasing dreams, and that’s what
makes the Alchemist story enchanting.


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