Paragraph on Your Favorite Teacher

Your Favorite Teacher Paragraph

My Favourite Teacher


A man of quality must be loved by all. In my short span of student life so many loving and qualified teachers shower their blessings on me. But I love my present English teacher Mr. X all the most. His style of teaching, his pronunciation of English, his command over the subject and moreover his towering personality attract me. He is gentle, dynamic and serious with a good sense of humour.  As soon as he enters into the class his way of introduction and presentation of the subject enchant me and make me spell-bound. When he takes classes, there is pin-drop silence in the class. If required he shares inspiring stories and shows pictures and videos on subject. He teaches the hardest topic in the simplest manner. He is very much punctual and dedicated to his duty. Mr. X is very much simple in his way of life but very much smart in his way of teaching. He never hurts us. Whenever we face any problem he gives us fruitful advice. In a word he is my “Friend, philosopher and guide.” If needed he takes extra classes and exams as well. He treats all students in the same eye. Sometimes he supports poor but meritorious students from his own pocket. Every student loves his charming personality and student loving attitude. To be frank, the said teacher is an idol for me. I wish a long-term teaching life for him and pray to the God that number of such teachers be increased day by day.

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