Know Different Ages in History of English Literature

Know Different Ages in History of English Literature

Literary study involves not only the reading of books and the consideration of them on abstract aesthetic grounds, but also a study of the outward manifestations of the spirit of the ages. For better understanding and better study, many historians have categorised the entire History of English literature in certain periods. Yes they may vary in terms of dates, names and periods. The following list follows the widespread practice of listing:


Time Span Period Name
450-1066 A.D. Old English (O.E) or Anglo-Saxon Period
1066-1350 A.D. Anglo-Norman Period
1350-1400 A.D. The Age of Chaucer
1066-1500 A.D. Middle English Period
1500-1600 A.D. The Renaissance or the Early Modern Period
1558-1603 A.D. The Elizabethan Age
1603-1625 A.D. The Jacobean Age
1625-1649 A.D. The Caroline Age
1649-1660 A.D. The Commonwealth Age
1620-1660 A.D. The Puritan Age or The Age of Milton
1600-1785 A.D. The Neo-classical Period
1660-1700 A.D. The Restoration Period or The Age of Dryden
1700-1750 A.D. The Age of Pope
1700-1745 A.D. The Augustan Age or The Classic Age
1745-1783 A.D. The Age of Sensibility
1740-1800 A.D. The Age of Transition
1785-1830  A.D. or 1800-1850 A.D. The Romantic Period
1832-1901 A.D. The Victorian Period
1848-1860 A.D. The Pre-Raphaelites
1880-1901 A.D. Aestheticism and Decadence
1901-1910 A.D. The Edwardian Period
1910-1914 A.D. The Georgian Period
1914-1945 A.D. or 1890-Onwards The Modern Period
1945- Present Day The Post Modern Period

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