Collection of Geoffrey Chaucer's Rare Portaits

Chaucer portrait in the Ellesmere manuscript of the Canterbury Tales
Geoffrey Chaucer, c1410?
Unknown Artist.
Ellesmere Manuscript.
MS EL 26 C9, f. 153v.

Huntington Library.
Geoffrey Chaucer portrait in a historiated initial.
Geoffrey Chaucer, c1410.
Attr. to Hermann Scheerre.
Historiated initial;
Lansdowne MS 851.
British Library.
Chaucer portrait in Thomas Hoccleve's Regiment of Princes, c.1415-20
Geoffrey Chaucer, c1415-20.
in Thomas Hoccleve's
Regiment of Princes.
Harleian MS. 4866
British Library.

Chaucer portrait on the margin of a manuscript
Chaucer Chaucer, c1430-40
from Thomas Hoccleve's
The Regement of Princes.
BL MS Royal 17 D. VI, f.93v
Chaucer Reading his 'Troilus and Criseyde' to Richard II. .1415-1425. Corpus Christi College.
Chaucer reading to Richard II.
Troilus and Cressida, c1415.
Unknown Artist. MS 61, fol 1v,
Corpus Christi College, Cambridge
Chaucer portrait from Cambridge MS GG.4.27
Geoffrey Chaucer, 15th-c.
Unknown Artist.
Cambridge MS GG.4.27
The Harvard Portrait of Chaucer. 15th-century.
Geoffrey Chaucer, 15th-c.
Unknown Artist.
"The Harvard Portrait."
Portrait of Chaucer, c. 1600-1620. GAC
Geoffrey Chaucer c1600-20.
Unknown Artist.
Government Art Collection, UK
Chaucer's descendants; genealogy from the Speght edition
Chaucer's descendants (on right),
Canterbury Tales. Speght, 1598.
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