Joseph Andrews | Questions and Answers

Joseph Andrews | Questions and Answers

Joseph Andrews by Henry Fielding Questions and Answers

  1. What do you know about Joseph Andrews?

Ans. Joseph is a handsome and virtuous Youngman. Lady Booby attempts to corrupt him. He is a virtuous lover of Fanny Goodwill. He has to suffer a lot during his journeys after he leaves Lady Booby’s house. He is a friend of Mr. Adam, a priest.

  1. Where does Joseph work?

Ans. Joseph Andrews works as a footman in the household of Sir Thomas Booby. Lady Booby, Sir Thomas’ wife tries to seduce him. When Andrews does not respond her, she terminates his employment.

  1. Where does Joseph go after his dismissal from the job?

Ans. Joseph goes out for Booby’s country parish after his dismissal from the job. He hopes to meet there with his childhood sweetheart and now fiancée, the illiterate milkmaid Fanny.

  1. Who is Mr. Abraham Adams?

Ans. Mr. Adam is a compassionate, absent-minded and a poor priest in Lady Booby’s country parish. He helps Joseph’s determination to marry Fanny because he knows that Joseph is a pious boy. His along with Joseph, makes so many traveling to different places.

  1. What crisis does Joseph face on his way to Booby’s country parish?

Ans. On his way to Booby’s country parish, Joseph runs into two ruffians who beat, strip and rob him and leave him in a ditch to die. Later, with the help of a lawyer, he manages to sit in a coach and reaches in an inn.

  1. Write a few lines on Fanny Goodwill.

Ans. Fanny is a beautiful and innocent girl. She is an orphan and works as a milkmaid. She becomes in danger of seduction many times. She likes Joseph and married with him in the end of the novel. Who does treat Joseph on reaching in the inn? When Joseph reaches in an inn, his is in precarious state. There, the chamber-maid, Betty, cares for him and a surgeon pronounces his injuries likely mortal.

  1. Who is Sir Thomas Booby?

Ans. Thomas Booby is the late master of Joseph and patron of Mr. Adams. He once promised Mr. Adams a clerical living in return for Adams’s help in electing Sir Thomas to parliament. But this promised was never fulfilled.

  1. Where does Mr. Adam go and why?

Ans. Mr. Adam is going to London to attempt to publish several volumes of his sermons. But the situation becomes ironical when he comes to know that he has forgotten his sermons at home.

  1. Write a short note on Lady Booby.

Ans. Lady Booby is Sir Thomas’s widow. She is snobbish, selfish, and lack of self-control. She is involved in playing cards and betraying Joseph soon after her husband’s death. She is powerfully attracted to Joseph who is her footman. She represents moral decadence of elite class of the time.

  1. How does Parson Adam help penniless Andrews?

Ans. Mr. Adams serves several meals to his penniless friend Andrews. His greatness lies in the fact that he himself has not enough money to pay the bill yet he is generous enough to feed his friend well.

  1. Who is Mrs. Slipslop?

Ans. Mrs. Slipslop is an abhorrent and prone to seducing guys. She is a servant in the Booby’s house. She, like Lady Booby tries to trap Joseph in a lusty relation.

  1. How does Mr. Adams manage to pay the bills?

Ans. Mr. Adams unsuccessfully tries to get loan from Mr. Tow-wouse, the innkeeper to pay off his bills. He offers him his sermons as security. He also requests to Mr. Barnabas, a clergy but gets nothing but promises. At last, he succeeds in paying his loan off with the help of a peddler.

  1. What do you know about Peter Pounce?

Ans. Peter Pounce is Lady Booby’s steward. He lends money to other servants at high interest rates. He thinks himself a member of new capitalist class.

15. How does Joseph manage his journey after leaving the inn?

Ans. Joseph manages his journey, after leaving the inn, by riding Adams’ horse. It is so because Parson Adam goes back to home to bring his sermons so he gives his horse to Joseph and himself rides in a stage coach.

  1. Who is Mr. Booby?

Ans. Mr. Booby is Sir Thomas Booby’s nephew. He is a conceited squire who marries Joseph’s sister, Pamela Andrews.

  1. What does happen when Mr. Adams meats a sportsman?

Ans. On his way to home, Adams meets a sports man who is shooting partridge. The sportsman boasts off his bravery but when they hear the sound of a woman’s cries, he ran away leaving Adams alone to tackle the situation.

  1. What do you know about Pamela Andrews?

Ans. Pamela is Joseph’s sister. She is beautiful and virtuous girl. Pamela, like her brother Joseph is a servant in the Booby’s house.

  1. How Parson Adams is caught in trouble by helping the woman?

Ans. Parson Adams, after the escape of the sportsman, administers a drubbing and saves the woman. But when a group of young men reaches on the spot, the assailant suddenly recovers and accuses Adams and the woman of robbing and beating him.

  1. Who is Mr. Tow-Wouse?

Ans. Tow-wouse is the master of the inn. Joseph boards in his inn. after being attacked by the Ruffians. He is kind enough to lend Joseph one of his own shirts but his stingy wife prevents him. His wife, Mrs. Tow-wouse catches him in bed with Betty, the chambermaid.

  1. How Adams is bailed from the accusation of robbing the assailant?

Ans. The young men take Adams and the woman to the Justice of peace where the woman is revealed as Fanny, Joseph’s beloved. The justice of peace is about to commit Adams and Fanny to prison when a bystander recognizes Adams and vouches for him as a clergyman and a gentle man.

  1. Who is Betty?

Ans. Betty is a chambermaid in the inn of Mr. Tow-wouse. She is good by nature .She cares Joseph much when he needs it. But, later she becomes lusty and her association with Joseph ends inadequately.

  1. What other crisis Joseph and Adams face in the next inn?

Ans. When Joseph and Fanny, accompanied by Parson Adams, meet in the next inn, they discover that they have another inn bill that they cannot pay. Parson Adams goes to Tulliber, a wealthy parson of the parish for the help but he reacts badly to Adams’ request. Here again, the peddler loans Adams and thus they are able to pay the bill.

  1. Who is Mr. Barnabas?

Ans. Bambus is a clergyman. He never takes a drink. He reluctantly attends Joseph during his recovery from the attack by the Ruffians.

  1. How the hypocrisy of Hunter of Men comes out when offers a dinner to the travelers?

Ans. When Adams, Joseph and Fanny are on their way to the country, hunting dongs comes upon them. The owner of the hounds is a sadistic Squire who after seeing the lovely Fanny, who offers them a dinner. Later, parson’s servants tie Adams and Joseph and make off with Fanny. Luckily, Lady Booby’s servants reach the spot and rescue them.

  1. What do you know about Leonora?

Ans. Leonora is solitary resident of a grand house. She is a shallow woman who once leaves the hardworking Horatio for the perky Bellarmine.

  1. Where does Lady Booby hear the news of Joseph and Fanny’s marriage?

Ans. Lady Booby hears the news of Joseph and Fanny’s marriage when she attends church on Sunday. She summons Adams next day for a browbeating. She claims to oppose the marriage on the basis that they will raise a family of beggars in the parish.

28. Who is Horatio?

Ans. Horatio is a lawyer who intends to marry Leonora. He fails in marrying Leonora because she is prone to a wealthy and flamboyant Bellarmine.

  1. Who saves Adams’ son from drowning?

Ans. When Fanny and Joseph arrive at the Adams’ home, some arrives to tell him that his youngest son, Dick, has drowned in the river. But later we come to know that his son is saved by the peddler.

  1. Who is Bellarmine?

Ans. Bellarmine is a Cavalier who likes Leonora for her beauty. He steals Leonora’s way from Horatio. He finally rejects her when he comes to know that she will not bring any dowry with her.

  1. How do Fanny’s and Joseph’s true identities come out?

Ans. After rescuing Duck, Joseph, Fanny, the peddler, and the Adams all dine together. There the peddler helps in knowing the true identities of Fanny and Joseph, Fanny is revealed as the real sister of Pamela and Joseph as the lost son of the Wilson’s. Write a few words about Mrs. Grave-airs. Mrs. Grave-airs is a snobbish stage-coach passenger. She is not ready to travel with Joseph, a foot man. She, afterwards, is revealed to be the daughter of a man who was once a lower servant.

  1. What do you know about Mr. Justice?

Ans. Mr. Justice is a local magistrate. He never takes his responsibilities seriously. He hears the case of Mr. Adams and Fanny when Fanny’s attacker accuses them of having beaten and robbed him.

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  1. Write a few words about Mr. Wilson.

Ans. Mr. Wilson is Joseph’s real son. He is a gentleman who is enjoying a retired life. He lives a virtuous and simple life. He is happy when he finds his lost child, Joseph.

  1. What do you know about Mrs. Wilson?

Ans. Mrs. Wilson is the Joseph’s real mother. She once redeemed him from debtor’s prison, having been the object of his undeclared love for some time.

  1. Write a few lines on Peddler.

Ans. The Peddler is an important character in the novel. He pays Mr. Adams’s bills when he is unable to pay to inn owner. He also rescues Mr. Adams’s drowning son. In the end of the novel, he reveals the real parentages of both Joseph and Fanny.

  1. What do you know about Parson Trulliber?

Ans. Trulliber is a capitalist and a greedy clergyman. He is more interested in hog farming than in caring of souls. He refuses to lend Mr. Adams money for paying his inn bill.

  1. Who is Hunter of Men?

Ans. Hunter of Men is an odd and rather brutal country gentleman who sets his hunting dogs on Mr. Adams further allows his friends to play cruel jokes on him. He also attempts to kidnap Fanny.

  1. Who is Lawyer Scout?

Ans. Scout is a lawyer. He is a man with dubious character He tells Mr. Adams that Joseph has worked lone enough to gain a settlement in Lady Booby’s parish. At the same time, he supports Lady Booby’s attempt to expel Joseph and Fanny.


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