11 Frequently used Swear or Vulgar Words for English Communication

11 Frequently used Swear or Vulgar Words for English Comunication
Swear words are offensive words used especially to express strong
emotional outburst. Swear words, love them or hate them, are an integral part
of a language. To master fluency, you must master swear words.
But why do people use them? What’s the point?
When you use swear words, they allow you to convey emotion that would
otherwise not be as easy to communicate. Swear words increase your vocabulary
and give you a wider range of emotions to invoke than if you didn’t use any.
Some swear words are extremely versatile and can be used in many
different ways. When you begin to overcome your negative gut-reaction, you may
start to see the beauty in all of these amazing swear words.
Of course, it’s important not to overuse swear words, just like you
wouldn’t want to overuse any word. However, because some swear words are so interchangeable,
it can become easy to just rely on a few swear words as the majority of your
The most important lesson to take home from swear words is to just
notice how they make you react and ask yourself why these feelings arise inside
Below is a list of the 11 most common swear words in English with the
many different ways in which they are used.
It’s important that when you practice swear words that you do it with
close friends who can help guide you towards the proper time and place to use
them. But when in doubt, use them with people who are near your age.
NOTE: PG stands for Parental Guidance,
meaning it’s appropriate for all ages. It’s used in movies as a rating of who
should see the movie. The PG tag will help you convey the same meaning
without vulgar. 
1. How to Use “DAMN”
A light swear word, can be said on TV and radio. Damn means
to condemn (a person) to suffer eternal punishment in hell, but is more
commonly used when expressing surprise or disgust.
PG version – darn 
Different Uses
God Dammit: To
express pain, sadness or anger.
  • God dammit / damn / dammit
Damn You: To
express that you are upset with another person.
  • “Hey man, I lost your phone.”
    Damn you (to hell!)
“Daaaam”: Expression
of awe or wonder.
  • ‘Woah, check out the sunrise.”
Damn: Expression
of dismay or disappointment.
  • “I can’t find my keys.”
To Give a Damn: To
express how little you care.
  • “Hey, what do you want for dinner?”
    “I don’t give a damn.” (non-vulgar: I don’t give a care)
Damn Well: Expressing
agreement and encouraging action.
  • “I think I’m gonna call her today.”
    You damn well (better)!”
Damn (Adj): To
add a feeling of stigma/negativity to a noun.
  • “That damn teacher gave us a ton of
2. How to Use “HELL”
Another light swear word, can be said on TV. Hell is a
spiritual realm of evil and suffering, often described as a place of perpetual
fire beneath the earth where the evil people go to be punished after death.
PG version – heck
Different Uses
When Hell Freezes Over: To
express how unlikely it is for an event to occur.
  • “Hey man, do you think Julia will go out with me?”
    “Yeah, when Hell freezes over.” or “You got a snowball’s
    chance in Hell
Go to Hell: Expression
of anger.
  • “I want to break up with you.”
    Go to Hell!”
To Hell with it: It’s
not important.
  • “I can’t find my car keys”
    To hell with it, I’m going to walk”
Hell Yeah: Used
as emphasis for yes/no questions.
  • “Do you want to live in another country?
    Hell yeah!” (non-vulgar: heck yeah)
3. How to Use “ASS”
Ass can be said on TV, but asshole cannot. Ass is another
word for buttocks or anus, but is commonly used to describe someone who’s rude
or mean. Can also be used to refer to a donkey or mule (burro) in a non-vulgar
PG version – butt
Different Uses
Make an Ass: To
make oneself look foolish.
  • “Did you see Johnny pick his nose on TV?
    “Yeah, he made an ass out of himself.”
My Ass: No
way / yeah right / I don’t believe you.
  • “Yeah so guess who I met yesterday.”
    “Ethan, from RealLife English.”
    My ass!”
Asshole: A
stupid, mean, or despicable person (usually a guy)
  • “That dude just knocked my papers out of my hands and
    didn’t stop to help or even apologize!”
    “What an ass(hole).”
Ass-load: A
lot / Quite a bit
  • “There was an ass-load of people there
    last night.”
Badass (1): A
person who shows supreme confidence, nearly divine ability, and a frequent
disregard for authority.
  • “Damn, Chad is one tough, bad ass.”
Badass (2): Another
way to say cool.
  • “That movie was bad ass!”
Kiss my Ass: A
sarcastic insult to anyone who wants something from you.
  • “Hey you! Get back here!”
  • Kiss my ass.
Ass (Adj): Is
also used as an adjective amplifier:
  • “Dude, check out those hot ass bitches!”
  • “Damn, look at those ugly ass teeth!”
  • “Get ready for this hard ass test!”
4. How to Use “PISS”
Piss is a vulgar term for pee or urine.
PG version – urinate
Different Uses
Pissed: Used
to describe anger.
  • “I’m pissed off!
Pissed: Another
word for drunk (used in British English, not American).
  • “He was pissed last night.”
Piss Off: To
express you want to be left alone.
  • “Hey, you want some help?”
    Piss off.
Piss Down Rain: To
show how hard it’s raining.
  • It’s pissing down rain” (Check out the
    video 5 ways to say it’s raining below)
5. How to Use “BITCH”
Bitch can mean someone who whines and complains a lot or
someone who’s angry (usually in regards to a woman).
PG Version – bitch literally means female dog.
Different Uses
To Bitch: To
whine or complain.
  • “These pants are too big, mosquitos keep bitting me, I
    don’t like this place.”
    “Hey, stop your bitching.”
My/ Your/ His Bitch =
  • “You’re the boss’s little bitch aren’t you?”
Bitch Out: To
yell and criticize.
  • “My wife just bitched me out over the phone.”
Bitchin’: Cool
/ Fun
  • “Dude, the party was bitchin’ last night!
Something is a Bitch: to
be Difficult
  • “Life’s a bitch.”
Bitch Please: As
a response to a stupid comment.
  • “Give me 1000 rupees.”
    “Bitch please.”
To Ride Bitch: The
middle seat in a car.
  • “Hey Soumo, you’ve got to ride bitch because you’re the
Bitch Slap: To
slap someone with the back of your hand.
  • “Did you see that?! She just got bitched slapped!”
6. How to Use “COCK / DICK”
Cock can also mean a male chicken (rooster), though it it’s
not as common to use it this way. The most common use of cock for rooster is
where two roosters fight each other, called cock fights.
Dick can be used to mean penis too, but it’s also short for
the name Richard. I have no idea how they got that..
PG version – penis
Different Uses
Cock Block: To
deny someone an opportunity to hook up with a girl.
  • “Dude, that girl just grabbed her friend and took her
    away from.”
    “What a cock block.”
Dick: A mean or selfish person.
  • “That dick took up two parking spots.”
7. How to Use “SHIT”
A vulgar word for fecal matter.
PG version – poop
Different Uses
To be Shit: Can mean both horrible or great.
  • “That movie was shit!” and “that movie
    was the shit!” are opposites. When “the” is added into the
    front of “shit,” it becomes really good, the best of the best. Note that
    there is an emphasis on THE in “the shit.”
Up Shit Creek: To be in an extremely bad situation.
  • “That sounds horrible!”
    “Yeah, I was up shit creek.
(Holy) Shit: Expression of surprise, dismay.
  • (Holy) shit!
Shit-Faced: To be extremely drunk
  • “You seemed pretty drunk last night…”
    “Yeah, I was totally shit-faced.”
Eat Shit: An insulting way to say no.
  • “Excuse me sir, would you mind filling out a quick
    Eat shit!
Shit out of Luck: To have no luck what-so-ever.
  • “Oh no, my cell phone died!”
    “Damn, we’re shit out of luck!
Dumb Shit/ Shit for Brains: Someone who’s not very smart.
  • “Hey dumb shit / shit for
Get Your Shit Together: Calm down, rise above your problems.
  • “Stop crying, man. Get your shit together.”
This Shit: Used in place of stuff / thing(s).
  • [Looking for an email, but all you see is spam]
    “I ain’t got time for this shit!
Bullshit: To express disbelief.
  • “I have three girlfriends.”
    Bullshit!” (B.S.)
Shoot the Shit: Small talk / not talking about anything important.
  • “What were you guys talking about?”
    “Oh, we were just shooting the shit.”
To Be in Deep Shit: Big trouble.
  • “The cops are coming!”
    “Damn, we’re in deep shit.”
Taste Like Shit: Horrible.
  • “Have you tried my casserole?
    “Yeah, it tastes like shit.”
Know Your Shit: To be very smart.
  • “Damn, those Real Life guys really know their
A Shit Ton (of Something): To emphasize ton (do a lot of something)
  • “I got a shit ton of
    work done today.”
8. How to Use “CUNT / PUSSY”
Vulgar words for vagina. Cunt is a
derogatory term for a woman, considered by many Americans to be the most
offensive word in the English language—not the case for Australians, they
frequently use the term. Pussy can also be used when talking about a “pussy
PG version – vagina
Pussy: “What a pussy.” – means you are afraid, “what a
chicken” has the same meaning without being vulgar.
Cunt: a stupid, incompetent person. “Shut up, you cunt.”
9. How to Use “FUCK”
Fuck is one of the most interesting a malleable words that
there is. It can be used to describe almost anything.
The Word Fuck that will tell you all you need to know about
the word fuck. Below there is a semi-transcript of what is said in the video.
Fuck is often used to add emphasis and is the only word that
can be an adjective, adverb, adverb enhancing an adjective, a noun, as part of
a word, and almost every word in a sentence.
Fuck can be used to describe pain, pleasure, hate, or love.
PG versions – frick, screw, the f word, fudge
Different Uses
“Why am I doing all the fucking work?”
Adverb: “That girl talks too fucking much.”
Adverb enhancing adjective: “Those Real Life parties are fucking
Noun: “I don’t give a fuck.” (I don’t care at all)
As part of a word: “Abso-fucking-lutely.” or “In-fucking-credible.
And, as almost every word in a sentence, “Fuck the fucking
It can be used to describe…
Fraud—”The car
salesman fucked me over.” (me fudeu)
Dismay—”Ahh fuck it.” (foda se)
Trouble—”I guess I’m totally fucked now.” (estou fudido)
Aggressionpain—”Don’t fuck with me dude or I’ll fuck you
up.” (não fode comigo)
Inquiry—Who the fuck was that? (Que porra que essa?)
Dissatisfaction—I don’t like what the fuck is going on right now.
Bewilderment—What the fuck? (que porra?)
Sex—”Hey baby, you wanna fuck?” (quer transar)
Stupidity—”What a dumb fuck” (que cara burro)
Misfortune—”That’s fucked up.”
Caring—”I don’t give a fuck about your problems.” (estou nem aí)
Agitation—”Hey stop fucking with me, it’s annoying.”
Dismissal—”Fuck off.” (vai se fuder)
10. Use of “Bloody”
Slang- Frequently used as a curse word to exclaim disgust.
That Bloody frickin’ artic blast pissed me the
Fuck Off!!!
Used before a word to make it more
angry, appealing, exaggerative, etc.
“Bloody hell!! That’s great!!”
Also means very Annoying for severe
Its so bloody cold out side. 

That Bloody Avik, always getting in the way. 
When utilized as an adjective,
shows distress regarding subject that follows. 
I’m sick of my bloody boss yelling at me for no apparent
reason! I’m running bloody late! Oh you can go to bloody hell!
11. Use of “Wanker”
While “to wank
means “to masturbate“,
the term “wanker” is seldom if ever used in British slang to denote
“one who wanks“.
It is quite wrong to infer from somebody’s being a wanker that they in fact
wank (and vice versa), but of course, fair to assume they do in any case.
Herein lies the genius of the insult: if you call someone a wanker, it’s
probably true, but only literally. 
You’re such a wanker. 

Oh gosh! How did you know?
Someone useless, inefficient or time-wasting, especially in a
place or 
work and/or position of responsibility.
You’re a fucking wanker.
Swear words can be fun, and funny, when used in the right
context. Just be sensitive to the people around you when you say these words.
And remember to practice with your friends to find out exactly how to use the
different words.

Thank U.
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