Nagg and Nell Marital Relationship in Endgame

Nagg and Nell Marital Relationship in Endgame

Nagg and Nell Marital Relationship in Endgame

Nagg and Nell are the only couple in this family who lives in ashbinwhich used to be filled with sawdust in the past but now sawdust has been changed by the sand from the sea. They cannot even kiss each other because of their position. Both of them wear caps and have white faces. To show the elegancy of Nell, Beckett made her wear lace cap while Nagg wears a white cap. They cannot move beyond the limits of their bins. This daily farce irritates Nell.

NELL: What is it, my pet? [Pause.] Time for love?

NAGG: Were you asleep?

NELL: Oh no!

NAGG: Kiss me.

NELL: We can’t NAGG: Try (Their hats strain towards each other fail to meet, fall apart again.)

NELL: Why this farce, day after day? (939)

Space has become the obstacle in love making. They can converse, curse their son, recall their beautiful past but have no power to touch anymore.

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Nagg and Nell trace their minds back to the past when they could visit at outside world.

NELL: It was on Lake Como. [Pause.]

One April afternoon. [Pause.] (942)

Nell reminds how they both made a ride at Lake Como. She later repeated the phrase ‘one April afternoon’ showing the importance of that day in her life. The use of pauses helps her to complete the situation and allows her to live the past again that is now unbelievable to her as she cannot walk. They recalled how they got crashed on their tandem and lost shanks. Nell reminds him that the place is Ardennes. These memories of past provide them some relief and laugh because their present lives are miserable and painful.

Nagg has itching in her back and searches comfort in Nell. At Nell’s denial he inquires whether she likes to have scratch.

NAGG: Could you not? [Pause.] Would you like me to scratch you? [Pause.]

Are you still crying? (941)

‘No’ reply comes from Nell rather she begins to make efforts for crying. Pause after question pinpoints that Nagg waits for the answer. They are never seen scratching each other because they are not allowed to touch that shows a sign of affection, love and procreation. They used to check each other’s physical fitness every day. The eyesight of both of them is losing power but they can hear each other properly.

Nagg and Nell have an affectionate relationship once but now they are just killing the remaining part of their life by indulging in routine conversation and activities. Hamm is tolerating their presence because he needs listeners for his story. They are waiting for death that would be hardly blessed on them.

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