Top 25 Love Quotes of Humayun Ahmed in English That Will Make You Feel Love

Top 25 Love Quotes of Humayun Ahmed in English That Will Make You Feel Love

Top 25 True Love Quotes of Humayun Ahmed


Humayun Ahmed was one of the best fiction writers in Bangladesh. He was a novelist on one hand and a writer, film director, lyricist, playwright and professor of chemistry on the other. Here is a list of his selected best love quotes translated in English from his different literary works.


#1 “Surviving in a world of bachelor without girlfriends, like a cow walking in a grassless field.”


#2 “Sometimes the relationship of the soul goes beyond the relationship of blood.”


#3 “People start neglecting when they get more love than they need. So there is no need to love anyone more than necessary. If you love extra, you will surely get extra trouble.”


#4 “Girls have the special ability to come out from any type of worse condition.”


#5 “Love lives on forever, sometimes as a poem, sometimes as a story, sometimes as a memory, sometimes as a tear.”


#6 “It’s not true love that can’t allot some times for each other. It’s Cleverness and time pass!”


#7 “Excessive love, one day makes us excessive lonely.”


#8 “All human beings have some secret sorrow, which remains hidden forever.”


#9 “People are crazy about love. People can do a lot for a little love.”


#10 “Most of the beautiful girls have fake smiles – the weapon to entrap people.”


#11 “Love that comes easily lost its value.”


#12 “The more secret the love, the deeper the love is.”


#13 “Laughter is not always an expression of happiness; it also expresses how much sadness you can hide inside.”


#14 “The mind of a girl is the most sensitive place in the world. This mind accepts many difficult things easily, but it cannot accept many simple things easily.”


#15 “Waiting is a sign of pure love. Everyone can say “I Love You”. But not everyone can prove that love by waiting!!”


#16 “The one who is more angry knows how to love silently, the one who knows how to love silently has more depth of love, and the one who knows the depth of love has more suffering.”


#17 “Being ordinary is an extraordinary thing; not everyone can be ordinary.”


#18 “If you want someone from the heart, you must put it in your mind that the person goes to sleep thinking of you.”


#19 “Girls have a third eye. With these eyes he quickly understands the matter of falling in love.”


#20 “The reality is so hard to digest that even the ocean of drop by drop loves seems helpless in front of reality.”


#21 “There is no need for eternity for a lover, a single moment is enough.”


#22 “In war and love nothing happens according to plan.”


#23 “The matter of love is just like clapping – require two hands.”


#24 “Both love and hate are written in mind’s eyes.”


#25 “It is the nature of girls to be excited on petty things.”

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