Brighton Rock Novel Short Summary

Brighton Rock Novel Short Summary

Brighton Rock Novel Short Summary

Brighton Rock is considered as a modern classic for the immortal techniques used by Graham Greene. The novel is initially planned as a crime novel that later turns into murder mystery and also indicates metaphysical issues of Good versus Evil. Brighton is a place where one finds attractive sea side resort as well as hub of criminal activities. Greene toured this place several times to absorb the atmosphere and cultural life of Brighton. The result of these visits comes in the form of his novel A Gun for Sale (1936) that includes the story of two gangs. Kite, who was the leader of one of the gangs, extorts money from bookmakers as a token of protection and was killed by the rival Colleoni gang. The assassination of Kite leads to the action of Brighton Rock (1938), in which Pinkie is planted to take revenge of Kite’s murder.

The journalist Hale had come to Brighton to distribute Kolley Kibber’s card but he felt alienated and haunted by the gang of Pinkie. He picked up Ida to save his life but Ida left him for a while to freshen up and the gang seized the opportunity to kill him. Ida felt something unusual in his death and the report issued by the bogies so she decided to investigate. Mr. Colleoni was overtaking the powers of Kite and warned Pinkie to stay away from his route.

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Spicer did a mistake by leaving a card at Snow’s. The waitress, Rose clicked his face in her memory and became a hurdle in the path of Pinkie. She could not destroy his alibi. So Pinkie married her to prevent her from giving evidence. Rose was simple, innocent and love-starving girl. She could not understand the trick of Pinkie.

Ida got to know about Rose’s decision to marry Pinkie and now she had two tasks in her hands: to give justice to Hale and to save Rose’s life from cruel Pinkie. She gathered all the information against Pinkie from different sources and met Rose to reveal the truth of Pinkie before her. But Rose pretended as if she knew everything. She had blind faith in Pinkie’s love and was happy with her marital life. Pinkie somehow began to feel uncomfortable with Rose. He never liked her and the idea to spend his whole life with Rose terrified him. He could not behave politely to her every time. So he planned to murder her in such a way that it will look like suicide to the bogies. For him, Rose was ready to commit the ultimate sin but Dallow and Ida arrived at the right time.

Rose threw the gun and came out of the car. Pinkie felt cheated and tried to pour vitriol on Dallow but mistakenly it had broken on Pinkie only and he burnt and screamed as if he was facing the purgation of Hell. Ida got success in her mission and left Rose with her parents. Rose felt uncomfortable and visited church to know the path she should follow. The priest suggested her that if Pinkie loved her, he must have left something memorable to her. Rose recalled the recording he did on their wedding day and moved towards Frank’s house to face the ultimate horror of her life.

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