Significance of the Title Hunger by Jayanta Mahapatra

The word “hunger” of the title has been used here in a double sense: it means the desire to eat something and it also means the desire for sexual gratification. Ordinarily, when a man says that he is hungry, he means that he wants to eat something. The desire to eat something is felt in, or by, the belly. The belly demands food; and eating is a necessity if a human being wants to live. Food is indispensable for the belly. This desire is a most compelling one; and, if one is starving, one would go to any length to get something to eat. A man may have to steal food or a man have to snatch food from somebody else or a man may devise some trick to get something to eat in order to satisfy this hunger.

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The other meaning of the word “hunger”, as already pointed out, is the desire for sexual gratification; and this desire is also very compelling. After the belly has been satisfied, the desire for sexual satisfaction is the next strongest to be felt. In fact, these are the two most compelling desires; the desire to eat food comes first, of course; and then comes the desire for sexual satisfaction. Only after these two desires have been satisfied, does a human being feel any other desire. The desire for nice clothes, the desire for a good house, the desire for money, and the desire for more clothes, more accommodation, and more money-all these come later, and then there is no end to such desires.

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