Use These 6 Photo to Text Converters for Writing Assistance

No doubt, nowadays technology plays a crucial role to make our lives more convenient and stable. The most patent area where technology has made significant impact is in performing photo to text conversions. No matter whether you’re a student, professional, or individual using frequently deals with printed documents or handwritten notes, online photo to text converter is considered as a game changer source. 


In this informative context, we are going to list a few best and easy to navigate photo text converters that assist in academic writing concerns, and certain other places.  


The Rise of Online Photo to Text Converters

You can find that photo to text conversion tools have gained popularity for different reasons. They are indicated as the versatile tools that saves your time and efforts in certain situations. Most of these converters considered OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to scan, recognize, and extract text from photos and turn them into editable or searchable text files. Keep reading to know how these tools make the photo to text conversions process seamless:


Accurate Text Recognition

Accuracy is referred to as the one of the most considerable advantages of photo to text converter. It uses an advanced OCR process that distinguishes between various sizes, fonts, and handwriting styles, this ensures the content preservation. 


Saving Time and Effort

Manual transcription of handwritten notes or printed documents consumes huge time and is even indicated as a tedious task. Thanks to photo to text converters that automate this process, it functions to turn large volumes of text swiftly and effortlessly. Remember that this is the best source for both students and professionals who need to extract text data from books, articles, or handwritten notes. 


Enhanced Accessibility

Extracting text from existing photos makes content more accessible in certain professions. Once the text is converted, the data can be translated, edited, and used for different purposes. This accessibility is immensely important for people with visual impairments who entirely depend on screen readers for accessing digital content. 


Searchable and Editable Text

Another most auspicious upside of turning a photo into text is that it comes with the ability of making the extracted text searchable and editable. Once done, you can readily search for the specific keywords within the text and add/remove or edit the text according to your need. This parameter is best assistance for writers and researchers while content creation. 


Reduced Paper Usage

Using the right online photo to text converter can assist you to reduce paper usage, it entirely contributes to environmental sustainability. Now, one can simply take a photo and turn it into digital text format, instead of printing out documents for manual transcription. 


Top Online Photo to Text Converters


Thankfully, you explored few best advantages of using photo to text converters online, its time to explore some best tools that extract text from photo within no time:


Google Docs

Google Doc is referred to as the best source that proceeds as a full-fledged photo to text converter, it offers built-in OCR capabilities. You can find that this platform functions to upload images or PDF files and turn them into editable text format. To process photo text extraction, start with opening a new document, go to “Insert ” > “Image”, and simply choose the image that you want to transform. Next, make a right-click on the existing photo and go with option > “Open with Google Docs”. It will automatically make text-based extraction from the uploaded photo and place it in the document. 


The most recommended online platform that performs well in text-based extraction for handwritten notes, images, academic screenshots, pdfs, and more. You can start with its best online photo to text converter that is mainly taken into account for proceeding with image, pdf, and photo to text transformation. No sign-up procedure and installation takes place, just drag and drop of photos lets you copy text from files without any huge manual intervention. Unlike its counterparts, this online image text extractor lets you extract text from up to 20 images at once for free of cost.

This is another online tool that uses an advanced OCR process to make accurate text recognition from photos and scanned documents. The most amazing thing is that this platform supports  multiple languages and functions for uploading photos in various formats such as PNG, JPEG, and PDF. Once the photo to text conversion is complete, you can readily download the extracted text in txt or doc format. 


ABBYY FineReader Online

ABBYY FineReader is one of the most powerful OCR tools around the internet that comes with both free and paid plans. This platform is capable of transforming photos and scanned documents into editable formats including xlsx, docx, and rtf. It becomes an excellent choice for professionals because it leads to accurate results and even supports multiple languages. 


Easy Screen OCR

Easy Screen OCR is a most user-friendly tool that specifically allows you to capture text from handwritten notes, screenshots, or images. The most considerable parameter is that it lets you process OCR conversions for various languages. Users can now either capture a screenshot directly from any device or upload a file for photo text conversions. Just a single click allows you to copy extracted text to clipboard or export it as a text file format. 



Capture2Text is a one of the light-weight and open-source OCR tools that works perfectly on Windows OS. It specifically functions to capture text from existing photos and export them as editable text format. Once done, you can easily copy the converted text data to your clipboard. This tool not only supports multiple languages, but also offers customizable hotkeys for swift access. 



Online Photo to text converter sources entirely revolutionized the way that was considered to manage textual data from the existing photos. The above-listed tools provide accuracy, enhance accessibility, and efficiency that functions tremendously for students, professionals, and individuals. You can now make content more accessible by simply converting your handwritten notes, scanned documents, photos, or PDF into editable text format with these assistance. Good Luck!

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