How to Research and Write English Literature Thesis

How to Research and Write English Literature Thesis

Academic studies are not a real reason for stress among students who are doing their higher studies. When students get assignments and thesis writing, the real pain starts from there between the scheduled classes and personal life. It is not that hard to write a thesis, especially if it specifically talks about a literature thesis. The thesis is nothing else than an elongated version of an essay, but to write a professional-level thesis paper takes more than just research writing. Students often take thesis writing help, and they assist students in preparing pro-level thesis papers. If you are thinking about what steps you must follow in order to write a high-level thesis paper. You do not visit multiple websites, as we are listing some tips for students, which they can follow easily.


Guide For Thesis Writing: Tips To Follow While Writing Thesis Paper

You need to focus on two aspects of thesis writing: the concept your ideas are based on and your reviews and take on them. Apart from these two, other things like research, choosing the right topic, formatting, etc., are other essentials that make a thesis paper perfect. Read further to have deeper knowledge about them.

Write English Literature Thesis



Choose a topic of your interest:

If you are given any specific topic to write on by your institution, then you are bound to write on it. But if that’s not the case, then you should choose a topic of your interest; otherwise, during the research writing phase, you will get bored. Which later leads to serious boredom and lots of blockage on innovative thoughts, due to which students change their thesis writing in the middle.


Choose authentic sites for research:

After you choose a topic to write on, the next process is to research it. You need pre-written articles or research papers on it; there is plenty of mixed-up information you will find on the web. You do not need all of it, just filter out the content you need, and make sure it all is from authentic sites. Non-legit sites mean predicted or fake information, which could be why you get low marks.


Write down your thoughts:

Good ideas can pop up anytime inside your mind and can slip out too. You need to sit calmly and note down all the thoughts you get regarding your thesis and note them all on paper. From catchy headings, sub-headings and what points you want to add to support your statement. Prepare a rough draft about all of it; this way, while writing the actual thesis paper, you just need to follow them.



This one is one of the silly mistakes maximum students make; maintaining proper formatting is very important. It includes simple things like maintaining accurate font, size, headings, subheadings, and page outlines. Also, you should include bullet points when you are mentioning data and statics. Keep it simple and constant throughout the entire thesis writing, and there will be more possibility of getting good marks.



Maintaining proper indexing is one of the most important parts because students often skip this page inside their thesis papers. Your index gives briefs about your entire thesis paper in just one page, which become easy for the reader to look at what points you have included inside it. The index consists of topic/heading names, dates written, and page numbers, which makes your thesis assignment easy and readable for your audience.


Correct grammar:

If you are studying in a highly reputed institution or doing your higher studies, who will accept silly grammatical mistakes from you. Make sure you do not make any silly spelling mistakes, pay attention to all the punctuation you put, and ensure your content is grammatically correct.


Plagiarism-free thesis:

Yes, your professor does check whether you copied your assignment from somewhere or not. Your plagiarism percentage decides how much you copied and from which sites. Higher the percentage lower will be your marks; that is where experts help their students make their thesis free from plagiarism.



Thesis writing is different from research writing; in thesis writing, you are supposed to give your views on the subject. You have two choices either speak against the topic or not; you can also involve some counterpoints that further prove your statements and points. The conclusion page is important because it sums up your entire writing in short, so don’t forget to write your conclusions under your thesis papers.


In Short:

Thesis writing is not a hard task that you can not complete on time, but maintaining the proper format of it is important. If you have read the above-mentioned points and followed them in your next thesis papers, you are likely to get better marks. As you are specifically writing a thesis on English literature, you can easily find lots of references and content to write on from your syllabus book or from library books. So, good luck with your next thesis writing.

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