Review: Is It the Best Paraphrasing Tool?

Are you looking for an AI tool to turn your boring and disorganized writing into polished and captivating content? is right here to make this transformation for you.

After employing for my writing ventures for good two months, I am here to share my experiences in this comprehensive review.

In this article, you will get a complete understanding of, including its functionality, key features, pros and cons, and pricing details.

Stay tuned till the end as I will share my honest judgment on

So, keep reading! Review: Is It the Best Paraphrasing Tool? Review: In A Nutshell is an impressive suite of over 30 AI-powered writing tools, designed to streamline and enhance your writing process.

The star of the show is its highly-praised paraphrasing tool.

Utilizing sophisticated AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies, it masterfully restructures and refines your sentences, all while retaining the original context and meaning.

This tool does more than just replace words with their synonyms. It fundamentally revamps your sentences, making them coherent, engaging, and more impactful.

It also provides a range of incredible features such as a plagiarism checker, summarizer, AI content generator, multilingual support, sentence rephrasing, and an inbuilt AI editor, just to name a few. These features collectively work to assist writers, students, and professionals, making their writing tasks a breeze.

In addition, also offers multiple browser extensions so that users can access its services directly from their favorite web browsers.

One more aspect that’s hard to overlook is its free usage. Yes, you read that right! offers a range of functionalities free of charge.

In a nutshell, it’s an inclusive, comprehensive, and user-friendly tool that is well-equipped to meet all your writing needs.

How Does Paraphrasingtool Work? (A Quick Walkthrough of My Experience)

So, you might be fascinated by all the perks promises, but how exactly does it work?

Well, as someone who has personally used repeatedly, let me guide you through its workings based on my experience and demonstrate how you can optimally utilize this tool.

To put it simply, using is a breeze.

All you need to do is copy your content and paste it into the platform. Next, choose the writing mode and click on the “paraphrase” button, and Voila!

With just a single click, your boring sentences and rough phrases are transformed into a well-articulated, coherent text based on the selected mode.

The platform’s Text Improver and Plagiarism Remover modes were particularly useful, as it made it easy for me to improve content quality and avoid plagiarism respectively – a lifesaver when it came to academic writing!

While exploring, I discovered an incredibly useful feature- sentence-level paraphrasing. It provides five alternate versions of one spun sentence to choose from. The best part? It now works with every mode instead of just sentence rephraser mode.  This allowed me to rephrase sentences in different ways so that I could choose one according to my writing style.

I experienced no lag or glitches while using the platform, and every feature provided by was top-notch. The various writing modes were especially helpful as they allowed me to customize my content according to different requirements.

Summing up my experience with, I would say that it is a personalized writing assistant with an array of added benefits, many of which you may not find with other major competitors. It’s not just a tool, but an ally in your writing journey.

Key Features In (& What’s new for you)

By now, you might have become familiar with and how it works. However, to fully make this tool work for you, you need to better know its various features and functionalities. Next up in my review is a comprehensive look at the key features provided by and the exciting new additions that set this tool apart from the crowd.

1.     Paraphrasing Modes: offers eight paraphrasing modes that can suit a variety of writing needs. Here are they: Review: Is It the Best Paraphrasing Tool?

  • Free Rewriter: A free mode that allows you to paraphrase up to 20,000 characters at no cost.
  • Text Improver: Works wonders to simplify your writing style and fix sentence structures, available for free.
  • Near Human: This free mode offers human-level rewriting to enhance the readability and natural flow of your text.
  • Plagiarism Remover: A premium mode that ensures writing integrity by making your content original and unique.
  • Creative: This premium mode enhances creativity by injecting fresh ideas into your writing, inspiring uniqueness.
  • Academic: This premium mode is designed to improve academic writing, making it apt for research purposes.
  • Quill Text: Another premium mode that streamlines your writing with clear and concise language. Perfect for professional and formal content.
  • Sentence Rephraser: A premium feature that offers the ability to rephrase each sentence individually.

2.     Synonym Changing:

A remarkable feature is its ability to provide synonyms for chosen words. Simply double-click on a single word and the tool will give your 5 alternate synonyms for that particular word. Choose one that you think fits better in your content. It is a great feature that helps you diversify your vocabulary and steer clear of repetitiveness. Review: Is It the Best Paraphrasing Tool?

3.     Definitions of Difficult Words

Along with the synonym changing, this tool helps you understand the meaning of unfamiliar words on the go. Besides synonyms, you’ll get the definition of that word as well. You can learn new words and foster a seamless writing process. Review: Is It the Best Paraphrasing Tool?

4.     Plagiarism Checker

This built-in tool ensures that your content remains original and free from potential plagiarism issues. Plagiarism detection is particularly crucial for academic writing and professional content creation. After you paraphrase the text, click on the “check plagiarism” option in the output box and the tool will take you to its plagiarism detector in the new window. You can check for plagiarism, get its report, and check if your paraphrased content is plagiarism free. Review: Is It the Best Paraphrasing Tool?

5.     Summarizer

Following a plagiarism checker, it offers you a free text summarizer tool to help you deal with extensive paraphrased text.’s summarizer is a game-changer that allows you to summarize content in either original words or generate a completely new AI summary. Review: Is It the Best Paraphrasing Tool?

What’s new for you?

1.     Sentence Level Paraphrasing:

The tool has now enhanced its features to allow paraphrasing at the sentence level in all modes. This means you can tweak specific sentences in your text without altering the rest.

2.     Audio, Image, and Speech-to-Text Paraphrasing:

These innovative features transform audio and image files into text and then paraphrase them. This opens up a whole new dimension of possibilities, especially for multimedia content creators and students.

3.     Web Browsing:’s Web Browsing functionality is unique and innovative. It allows you to search and paraphrase content directly from the web, which can be incredibly useful during online research. Instead of copying and pasting content into a separate tool for paraphrasing, you can simply navigate to the website of interest, select the text you need to paraphrase, and move it to the paraphrasing tool directly.

4.     AI Text Editor:’s integrated AI Text Editor is a comprehensive content editing and generating tool. Apart from basic paraphrasing, it also allows you to create fresh content from scratch. The “Generate Story,” “Generate Essay,” and “Generate Poem” functions, for example, are useful for creative writing assignments. Additionally, it comes with advanced features like “Rephrase,” “Simplify,” “Expand,” and “Change Tone,” making it a one-stop solution for all writing needs.

5.     Extensions & Add-Ons: offers Extensions & Add-Ons that bring the tool directly into your workflow. You can utilize these extensions on their preferred browsers or word processors, including:

  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Opera
  • Safari
  • MS Word

This seamless integration reduces the need to switch between different platforms or tools to make the writing process less disruptive.

6.   Choose Different Text Tones: allows you to adjust the tone of your writing to match the context. You can choose formal, casual, professional, and witty tones to better meet the demands of different writing tasks and adapt your work to various contexts.

7.     Upgraded Character Limit:

To cater to extensive writing needs, has upgraded its free character limit up to 20k characters. Said that it allows you to paraphrase larger chunks of text in one go.

These features collectively make a robust and versatile platform that caters to diverse writing needs while constantly evolving to provide an enriched user experience. Pros & Cons

No doubt, is a powerful AI writing tool with the most advanced features. Still, has certain drawbacks that might be considered downsides.

Let’s have a look: Pros

  • A free paraphrasing tool.
  • 8 different AI writing modes to paraphrase the content.
  • The option of changing the tone is available.
  • A whopping 20k character paraphrasing capability.
  • You can paraphrase sentences individually using each mode.
  • ai offers a bunch of integration and add-ons.
  • A robust paraphrasing tool that rephrases text like a human writer.
  • A rare feature of audio, image, and speech-to-text paraphrasing is accessible. Cons

  • Advanced paraphrasing modes are restricted to Premium.
  • Displays distracting ads with the free version.


What Is The Pricing Of offers three pricing plans to cater to different needs and budgets:

  • Solo Text Generation Plan: $15 per month, or $144 annually ($12 per month if billed annually)
  • Solo Paraphrasing Tool Plan: $7 per month, or $60 annually ($5 per month when paid annually)
  • All-in-one Bundle Tools Plan: $20 per month, or $192 annually ($16 per month if billed annually)

The affordability and flexibility of these plans are part of what makes such a valuable tool for everyone who deals with writing.


Final Thoughts: Is the Best Paraphrasing Tool?

As we wrap up this in-depth review, it is hard not to be impressed with the offerings of This AI-powered tool outshines its counterparts not only by providing stellar paraphrasing but also by integrating features like an advanced AI text editor, synonym and definition recommendation, tone selection, and audio/image/speech-to-text paraphrasing, which put it a class apart.

From my personal experience, I found that doesn’t just stop at rephrasing sentences, but it goes above and beyond, delivering a seamless, user-friendly experience without any hiccups.

Looking forward, shows immense promise. It is continuously improving, adding new functionalities, and refining existing ones. So, step out of your comfort zone, and give a try today – you may find yourself pleasantly surprised by its capabilities!

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