As You Like It Questions and Answers

As You Like It Questions & Answers

As You Like It Questions and Answers

Q.1. What charges did Orlando bring against Oliver?

Ans. Orlando reported to Adam about the troubles caused by Oliver in his life. Oliver was charged by his late father to look after Orlando and educate him but Orlando was being ill-treated. Oliver was helping another brother studying at the University and strangely he was neglecting Orlando. Even, Orlando said that he was now no better than an ox. The horses were taken care of greatly while Orlando was severely hated and was shown jealousy by Oliver. So, he was in a mood to create a rebellion against his brother at any moment.

Q.2. Why did Oliver think to teach Orlando a lesson?

Ans. One day Orlando openly charged Oliver for not performing his duties towards him. Oliver slapped Orlando angrily and called him to be a villain. Being strong and stout, Orlando could give him an equal reply but demanded a part of 1000 crowns which his dead father willed for him. When Oliver promised to pay it, he was released but taking this conduct of Orlando as an offence, he plans to teach Orlando a lesson.

Q.3. What did Duke Frederick do to possess royal power?

Ans. Believing in the “might is right” theory, Frederick, the younger brother, deposed the senior Duke. Then, like a villain, he usurped Duck senior’s kingdom and assumed all his powers. Being banished, the senior Duke was now living in the forest of Arden with his faithful companions and Frederick had grasped all the lands and property of his brother. But, Rosalind, the daughter of old Duke being the bosom friend of Frederick’s daughter, Celia, was allowed to live at the court and was not banished with her father.

Q.4. What did Charles, the wrestler tell and how was it replied by Oliver?

Ans. Charles, the royal wrestler reported that a wrestling match was to be held at the court of Duke Frederick on the next day. Orlando who was Oliver’s brother wished to take part in the game against Charles. Charles clearly informed that he would fight for prestige and reputation on that day. So, it would be impossible for him to show mercy to anybody. As he had some regard for Oliver, he asked him to persuade his brother, Orlando to withdraw his name from the contest. But, Oliver instigated Charles against his brother and gave him some hints to break Orlando’s bones and if chance came, even he could kill him if he wished.

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Q.5. What do Rosalind and Celia say about Lady Fortune?

Ans. Celia is asked by Rosalind about the game of falling in love. Celia replies that a girl may play the game of love until she is seriously falling in love and suggests her to rail against lady Fortune who often bestows her favours upon undeserving persons. Rosalind says that Lady Fortune is certainly a blind woman, mainly unjust to women. Celia says that she bestows beauty upon those women who are unchaste and bestows chastity upon those who are too ugly to look at.

Q.6. Why do Rosalind and Celia feel sympathy for Orlando?

Ans. Orlando is a youngman who is too beautiful to look at. It seems that he is inexperienced in the art of wrestling. But, he is determined to fight with Charles who in the meantime has earned name and fame for himself by mercilessly defeating others. Even, on that very day, three wrestlers are already defeated. By his side, Orlando seems nothing. But, women are known to be wax-hearted. So Rosalind and Celia feel too much for the safety of Orlando who to their eyes is a poor boy. They also try to dissuade him but Orlando is unmoved as he is fed up with life. Then, they offered their good wishes to him.

Q.7. Why is Duke Frederick hostile to Orlando?

Ans. Orlando throws down Charles in a few minutes and Charles can’t stand due to the blows given by Orlando. Though he was surprised, yet Duke Frederick was about to congratulate Orlando. But, when he hears that Orlando is the son of Sir Rowland, he loses his temper and gets infuriated with Orlando. Sir Rowland was a favourite to the Senior Duke and therefore was Frederick’s enemy. So, Frederick feels indignant with Orlando.

Q.8. Why do the two girls plan to flee from the court?

Ans. Duke Frederick is angry with Rosalind hearing the latter’s fascination towards Orlando. One day, he orders his niece to quit the court. Being asked, he replies that her father is a traitor and that’s why, she is also a traitor. Then, he says that Rosalind’s beauty and charm can eclipse those of his daughter. Even, he orders her to leave the court within 10 days. But, Rosalind and Celia were inseparable like Juno’s swans and anyone of them could not be thought of without the other. But as the king orders and it is to be actualized, the girls plan to flee from the court because this decision is fatal for both the two girls.

Q.9. How do they plan to flee from the court?

Ans. Rosalind and Celia plan to flee to the Forest of Arden without any male companion. They know that beauty calls robbers sooner than gold. Rosalind plans to disguise herself like a man with a sword in her thigh and with a spear in her hand. She thinks that this attire should match her as she is too tall. Celia plans to wear mean clothes and smear her face with some brown paint to hide her beauty. They also take the names-Ganymede and Aliena respectively to conceal their identity. At last, they plan to take the clownish fool, Touchstone with them to accompany on the way. They however, realize that as they are really ladies, they should take this fool with them.

Q.10. How does the Senior Duke describe the forest life?

Ans. The Senior Duke says that the forest life is sweeter than the artificial court life. Though they are facing the seasonal problems like cold, heat etc., these are according to him not hardships but blessing in disguise. He compares this adversity to a venomous toad that carries a precious jewel in its head all the time. He says that they are free from crowded public places and in the forest, they find “tongues in trees, books in the running brooks, sermons in stones and good in everything”. In fact, he says-“Sweet are the uses of adversity.”

Q.11. How does Jaques meditate upon a wounded deer?

Ans. Jaques sees a deer that is shedding tears into a stream while other deer were running and jumping, paying no attention to it. In a moralizing tone, he says that this wounded deer is like those rich people who in their will, leave their property and riches to those who are already rich enough as the deer was adding water to a stream. The other deer are like those over-prosperous people who never pay any attention to those persons having financial difficulty as these deer are also neglecting their companion fallen in trouble. In this style, Jaques throws invectives for mankind in general living in country or in city or at court etc. Even, these hard terms are meant for Duke Senior and his comrades also.

Q.12. How does Adam help Orlando?

Ans. Adam asks Orlando not to sleep in his house as he has heard of Oliver’s plan of setting that house in fire when he will sleep. When Orland expresses disgust about himself, Adam offers his whole life’s savings to Orlando. He says that he has saved that money over the long period of time during which he served Sir Rowland. He says that 500 crowns which he has saved for his old age should be offered to Orlando, the young master who is in deep trouble. He says that he does not want to get this amount of money back from Orlando. He asks him to leave the house quickly. Adam also promises to serve Orlando till his last breath as he is serving their family from the age of 17 up to his present age 80. He also tells Orlando that he will be loyal and sincere to him as before.

Q.13. How did Touchstone describe his love?

Ans. In a mock-heroic vein, Touchstone told that one night he went to meet his beloved, Jane Smile. On arriving at her house, he saw that he had a rival which was no other than his sword. Then, he broke it upon a stone to teach that rival a lesson. Then, he told that he was so passionate in her love that he used to kiss the wooden bat which she used for washing. He also kissed the cow’s udder from which Smile’s rough hands had drawn milk. Actually, by making this comment, Touchstone had made fun for the absurdities which people, fallen in love often commit.

Q.14. Why does Orlando attack the band of Duke Senior?

Ans. Orlando left the house of his brother as Adam advised him to do so because Oliver was planning to kill him. When Orlando starts his journey, Adam wanted to accompany him. Before that Adam had Offered Orlando his whole life’s savings of 500 crowns. Adam was 80 years old. After walking a long distance, they both felt exhausted and hungry. Adam was unable to proceed anymore and about to die. The place was the forest of Arden. Suddenly, he saw that the old Duke and his mates are enjoying a banquet. As Adam was too much hungry, Orlando affected the band of old Duke to get some food for old Adam who saved his life and directed him in a new way.

Q.15. How does Jaques explain a man’s life?

Ans. Jaques divides the life of a man into seven parts. At first he is an infant, mewling and puking in the nurse’s arms. Then, he is a whining school boy who is unwilling to go to school. Then he is a lover composing poems to praise the beauty of his mistress. Then, he is a soldier bearded like a leopard and is in the habit of quarreling with others. Then, he is a grave magistrate who is in the habit of eating chicken meat and taking bribes from the under trial accused. In the 6th part of his life, he becomes very thin and wears spectacles matching with his face but his stockings are too loose for his legs. In the last part of his life, he becomes devoid of eye sight, taste and memory. It seems as if the man has entered into his second childhood. In a negative style, Jaques, the melancholy philosopher has described human life.

Q.16. Why is Oliver’s property seized by Duke Frederick?

Ans. Rosalind and Celia have departed from the court of Duke Frederick in disguise. On the other hand, Orlando has fled from his house with Adam, to save his life. Duke Frederick thinks that Orlando may be responsible for the two girls’ absence as previously, Rosalind got attracted towards Orlando and rewarded him with her necklace. When Oliver is asked about his brother’s whereabouts, he fails to give any concrete report. Frederick thinks that Oliver is throwing dust into his eyes. Though Oliver negates any relationship between him and his brother, Frederick suspects him doubly and orders the officials to seize the property of Oliver. He also suggests that if Orlando is not produced before him within 12 months, Oliver’s entire property will be forfeited. Actually, Duke Frederick thinks that Oliver is in league with Orlando.

Q.17. What does Orlando do in praise of Rosalind?

Ans. Orlando falls in love with Rosalind at the very first sight. As now he has nothing to do in the forest of Arden, he goes on writing the beauty and virtue of Rosalind on the leaves hanging from the trees. He goes on carving Rosalind’s name on the bark of the trees and writing poems praising Rosalind’s charms on tree trunks. Then, looking up at the sky, he invites the moon-goddess to have a look at those verses composed by him in the beauty and honour of Rosalind.

Q.18. What do Rosalind and Celia talk about the writer of the verses?

Ans. Seeing that she is compared to Helen of Troy and the composer himself wants to be her slave, Rosalind says that she was not so be rhymed since Pythagoras’ time when she was an Irish rat. She asks Celia about the identity of the writer. Celia answers that the man wears the same chain which Rosalind once wore. Hearing this Rosalind becomes impatient and repeats the same questions which Celia avoids. Celia tells that her impatience betrays her disguise when Rosalind confesses that she will feel most miserable until she is told the identity of the writer of the poems. Celia declares that the man is no other than Orlando with whom she is in deep love.

Q.19 What does Rosalind say about the passing of time?

Ans. Rosalind tells Orlando in reply to his various questions that time passes with different speed with different persons. She says that time is very slow with a young maiden who is going to be married. Every single day is to her as long as a year. Time passes easily and leisurely with a priest who knows no Latin and with a rich man who have no gout. The priest and the rich man spend time happily for not knowing Latin and not having gout respectively. Time is very swift with a thief who is to be hanged in no time. Again, time is constant with the lawyers during the vacation when they have nothing to do and therefore, are unaware of the passing of time.

Q.20. What fiction is invented by Rosalind?

Ans. When Orlando asks Rosalind about her residence, she says that she lives in the outskirts of the forest with Aliena like fringe upon a petticoat. She tells that she was born in this forest and was brought up by her one religious minded uncle. Her uncle always spoke against women and falling in love as well because he had known the pangs of love previously. She is acquainted with the courtly manners due to that uncle. She thanks God for not taking birth as a woman. On the whole, Rosalind creates an impression upon Orlando’s mind as a man. But, we, the audience and the readers are burst into belly-laughter as Rosalind is a lady in reality but she is befooling Orlando, the hero of the play.

Q.21. Why does Orlando decide to woo Ganymede?

Ans. Rosalind goes on to say that there is a young man in the forest suffering from the fever of love because he has written love poems on the bark of the trees. When Orlando says that he is the young man, Rosalind says that she does not find any symptom of the fever of love in him. According to Rosalind, a lover has sunken cheeks, or neglected beard and a tendency to avoid people with his sleeves unbuttoned, with the laces of his shoes untied and with the stockings ungartered. But Orlando had not these qualities. However, Rosalind (Ganymede) assured him to cure this disease. She says that the madness of love in Orlando can be cured if he meets her daily and wooes her like Rosalind. Ganymede will also behave like a women. Sometimes she will hate him, sometimes accept him, sometimes she will weep for him and may reject him. As this prescription only can cure Orlando of the fever of love, he decides to woo Ganymede regularly.

Q.22. Why is Touchstone’s marriage put off?

Ans. Touchstone is ready to get married to Audery. Sir Oliver Martext comes forward to perform the marriage ceremony but he informs that the marriage is unlawful if the bride is not given away by her guardian. Touchstone does not give value to this idea. Now, Jaques comes forward and tells that this marriage is looking like a beggar’s marriage which should be performed in a decent manner. He also says that a well qualified priest should perform this ceremony because otherwise Touchstone would be able to forsake his wife if after sometime, he begins to feel tired of her. At this advice of Jaques, Touchstone dismisses Oliver Mertext and postpones his marriage for the time being.

Q.23. Why does Phebe fall in love with Ganymede?

Ans. Ganymede (Rosalind) rebukes Phebe for ill-treating Silvius in a rough manner. He also scolds Silvius for tolerating Phebe’s insults. But, Phebe is struck by the handsome appearance of Ganymede who is in reality a lady, named Rosalind. Phebe falls in love with Ganymede at the very first sight without knowing that Ganymede is actually a woman. But getting seriously attracted, Phebe speaks to Ganymede with amorous tone and expressions. Though Ganymede rebukes Phebe as it is impossible for him to love her being a lady in reality, but, Phebe is heartily drawn towards him and starts to love.

Q.24. What does Oliver say to Rosalind and Celia?

Ans. Oliver tells that he has come to the Forest of Arden in search of Orlando and has been sleeping under an old oak tree. That time Orlando was passing by and he saw a snake beside his (Oliver’s) neck. Hearing the footsteps of Orlando, the snake had slipped away into a bush. But, there was a hungry lioness who was waiting for him to get up when the animal would kill him and drink his blood. But Orlando recognised that the sleeping man is no other than Oliver who wanted to kill Orlando. But being kind-hearted, Orlando fought with the lioness and killed it. Then Oliver tells him that he is expelled by the Duke. Both the brothers then shed tears calling up their days in life. But Orlando is wounded a little by the lioness. Oliver dresses the wound and brings the handkerchief stained with Orlando’s blood to prove the originality the fact. Then Oliver tells the two sisters that for this unexpected event, Orlando fails to come here to meet them.

Q.25. What does Ganymede say about Aliena and Oliver’s falling in love with each other?

Ans. Ganymede (Rosalind) says that Oliver and Aliena have fallen in love with each other as suddenly as two rams start fighting with each other. Rosalind also says that their falling in love is as swift as Caeser’s swift conquest of a territory which gave in to him as soon as he arrived there. As Caeser wrote “I came, I saw, and I conquered”, Oliver and Aliena also fell in love with each other as soon as they loved each other. But, they don’t know why they loved each other so earnestly. Even Rosalind says clubs can’t part them because they are too emotionally attached to each other.

Q.26. What assurance does Rosalind give to Orlando?

Ans. Orlando says that Oliver is a lucky man as he is going to get married to Aliena on the next day, but he himself is feeling heart-heavy as his genuine love for Rosalind remains unfulfilled. Rosalind assures him that he will be able to marry Rosalind when Oilver will marry Aliena. She says that she has been learning magic when she was 3 years old and now she is a successful magician. By her magical power, she will so arrange the matters that Orlando will be able to marry Rosalind. She then asks Orlando to make necessary arrangements for two marriage programs.

Q.27. What report is brought by Jaques-de-Boys?

Ans. Jaques-de-Boys, a brother of Oliver and Orlando comes to the forest of Arden and announces that Duke Frederick has invaded the forest to put an end to the life of senior Duke. But by chance, Duke Frederick having arrived in the forest has met a saintly old man who has profoundly influenced Frederick’s mind. Now, he has not only given up the idea of attacking his brother but also he has decided to leave the worldly life altogether. Now Frederick is interested to give back the seized property of the senior Duke and Oliver in no time. So here, the discussion between the saintly man and Duke Frederick is instrumental, which changed the nature of Duke Frederick thoroughly.

Q.28. Write a short note on the epilogue in the play.

Ans. At the end of the play, appearing on the stage Rosalind tells the audience that she wants to say something about the epilogue. She adds that a good play needs no epilogue just as a good wine needs no advertisement. She then asks the audience to give their opinion about the dramatic performance they have just seen. She also asks them to make cheers and clapping. Moreover, what interesting news she delivers to the audience is that she is not at all a woman but a young boy who has assumed and played in the role or Rosalind.

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