Top 10 English Speaking Course in Delhi

Top 10 English Speaking Course in Delhi

Top 10 English Speaking Course in Delhi

After Hindi, English is the most influential language in India. Many people from multiple nations visit Delhi for its significant historical and tourist attractions. To make you proficient and fluent in English, there is a myriad range of English Speaking course in Delhi. English speaking helps you to broaden your viewpoint and job convenience across the world.

You can enroll in any of the below top 10 English Speaking course in Delhi.

1. Henry Harvin

The English speaking course in Delhi at Henry Harvinhelps you become confident and proficient in speaking fluent English. To read complex sentences with ease, Henry Harvin helps you to compete with the in reading long sentences and paragraphs much faster and quickly. You can improve your accents and comprehension with native speakers by using local words ballot.

At Henry Harvin, English speaking course in Delhi ensues the Common European Framework (CEFR). Including –

  • A1 (Beginners level) – This level includes basic English language like conversations, phrases, and describing daily tasks by using simple English grammar vocabulary. You will be capable to introduce yourself and make the choice of color, with the simple present tense.


  • A2 (Upper Beginners level) – This module helps to learn the modules includingspeaking small sentences, past achievements, and experience with friends. Learn to speak in the past tense by practicing to do proper conversations like discussing the headlines, outline of business proposals, etc.


  • B1 (Pre-Intermediate level) – This level helps you to possess the skills needed to talk with native speakers like discussing professional dreams and ambitions, preparing for interviews, speaking about music and TV shows, etc. Learn to share ideas and ethics with people to make a polite and conversational social network.


  • B2 (Intermediate level) – Complicated sentences with professional English speaking capability are enhanced at this level. You can customize the local accents and diction to interact with the natives without effort. Managing personal finance, and financial decisions, and maintaining professional etiquette.


  • C1 (Advanced level) – You can narrate like a native speaker with the confidence to speak lengthy sentences and texts. At this level, you will speak ethical and authentic English by preparing lots of presentations on the various latest topics.


  • C2 (Advanced level) – At this level, you will become proficient and confident to speak like a native speaker. You can make proper communication with much accuracy and speed and become a fluent English speaker.

Along with the above levels, Henry Harvin offers assistance to develop soft skills like – preparation for the interview, business communication, and presentation skills.

They will assist in resume building and also help enhance your job opportunities.

Key concepts

  • Live interactive classes indulging multiple projects for real-time learning.
  • Access to the E-learning facility with abundant tools and techniques.
  • Free access to the Hackathons and competitions with 1-year of Gold membership.
  • Experienced well-qualified trainers customize the modules as per the requirements of each student.

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2. British Council

Professional assistance with more concentration on learning English speaking course in Delhi. Live online interactive sessions delivered by well-qualified subject matter experts across the world. You can master English with the help of business expertise having real-time experience.

Key concepts

  • You can join live online interactive classes from anywhere at any time.
  • Become confident in speaking with clients, colleagues, and friends, by conducting group discussions, presentations, and many other soft skills.
  • Build up your grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary skills to upskill your professional career.

3. Inlingua

You can learn to speak fluent English with the help of the Inlingua English speaking course in Delhi. They include English courses starting from the Beginner level to the ones who want to learn English to improve further. Every one of our programs starts with an assessment. It is a short 30-minute test with 100 multiple-choice questions. The purpose of the test is to determine the student’s proficiency in English.

Key concepts

  • The course program is extensive and includes spoken English, a skills workshop, which might focus on interview skills, presentation skills, personality development, or e-mail writing, as well as weekend speaking activities with teachers.
  • Relevant study materials with multiple assignments are part of the curriculum. So that you can efficiently and effectively understand the language.
  • Both the classroom and online learning at Inlingua use distinctive teaching strategies and exclusive course materials. The online training materials are exceptional because they are created just for the learner. A range of online exercises that are efficient, practical, and enjoyable are included in learning units.

4. Bafel

The English speaking course in Delhi at Bafel always makes sure to regularly update and upgrade the course curriculum. The upgradation can be based on the frequent update, improvements, and even reconstruction of the courses to suit a broad range of learners. The best learning environment is combined with a robust lineup of highly skilled educators to support BAFEL modules.

Key concepts

  • BAFEL, the British Academy for the English Language, is without a doubt the premier organization and upholds unmatched communication standards.
  • The faculty’s exceptional knowledge and experience, make the course appropriate not only for students but also for professionals who work in private or public organizations. Also, those who desire total mastery of the English language and personality development.

5. Oxford School of English

You can utilize an expert team of English speaking course in Delhi, with instructors who are infused with newfound enthusiasm and energy to impart knowledge. The course involves cutting-edge materials spoken English training materials from Cambridge University Press along with interactive classes (with an English Learning Management System) to make learning enjoyable.

Key concepts

  • The course is a blend of speaking and reading skills with the assignments to enhance the quick responses from students.
  • The English speaking course in Delhi helps to accomplish the competitive exams and advance in your career.
  • Expertise in the subject help learning including group discussions, presentations, and mock interviews.

6. English Mate

The English speaking course in Delhi involves the basic concepts of English speaking along with smart interactive activity-based learning techniques. Result-oriented study materials are prepared from the subject’s expertise, with the timely monitoring of the performance of each student.

Key concepts

  • Small groups with individual attention have practical training with real-time scenarios.
  • Professional and supportive environment to help students to understand the ethics of the professional world.
  • Doubt-clearing sessions with the materialized course to help enhance the learning.

7. ACE Aptalk

The psychological approach to the curriculum used by ACE sets it apart from other programs since it enables students to become fluent in English without the trouble of translation. The Fundamental level is designed for people who have little to no experience with or knowledge of the English language and aims to develop your communication abilities in both spoken and written English. To create clear writing and build a clear knowledge of the language, it is essential to follow proper grammar rules.

Key concepts

  • The course makes learning English speaking as natural as the native language. It involves tailor-made study materials to help gain the confidence of students.
  • Additional features like public speaking, interviewing techniques, personality development, and specific workshops increase their confidence.
  • Conductive and interactive sessions imparted by well-qualified trainers. Ace teaches communication via a flawless presentation of the English language with all appropriate diction, modulation, and pronunciation.

8. Wizmantra Academy

A well-known English speaking course in Delhi focuses on imparting brilliant learning opportunities to help you grow in your career. The course is a blend of the traditional way of education with the recent ongoing trends in the English language.

Key concepts

  • The general online spoken English sessions are created specifically for learners who are eager to expand their grammatical proficiency. These online English speaking sessions assist pupils in getting past their early reservations and boosting their confidence.
  • Well-structured online spoken English courses, for job seekers, are primarily created to get ready for interview sessions and to help them develop the necessary degree of confidence to handle the strain and stress of interviews.
  • To refine the numerous facets of personality, some students may require some general personality development classes. To satisfy the demands of these students, the institute has created an online course in personality development that helps students mold their personalities in the same way that a potter molds clay pots.

9. Simpli English

The English speaking course in Delhi provides the most cutting-edge learning environment possible so that you can take online spoken English classes without interfering with your personal or professional life. Students are free to select their own convenient time and mode. You will improve in grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, and other areas via daily practice with a personal, knowledgeable, and accommodating trainer.

Key concepts

  • Training materials are created for one-on-one instruction, where the trainers are well-qualified and experienced.
  • Convenient classes focusing on the needs of each student by personal trainers.
  • Instructors will help you to speak for the entire class period and will even reward you for making mistakes. The trainer will correct your mistakes and boost your confidence.

10. Wabs Talk

The English speaking course in Delhi is well-designed with a combination of public speaking, and personality development skills. The course incorporates all the requirements to upskill the skills and technology to hold the best career path in the corporate world.

Key concepts

  • Small batches of students to have the best interactive sessions among the students and the instructors.
  • Trainers who are subject experts are involved in designing the course materials for the learning expeditions.
  • Grammar tests including vocabulary, dictions, debates, and group discussions are the special part to enhance the interest in learning English.


The majority of people employ the English language regularly. We utilize this language to speak with individuals from various countries, thus it is crucial. English is a widely spoken language that you can learn to utilize to become a global citizen. People are urged to have global communication skills in this global era. Particularly in worldwide communication, the English language is particularly vital. People will be able to learn more and gather more information by being fluent in English. Thus using English as the main focus can help people acquire jobs in the global economy.


Q.1 Does an English speaking course in Delhi work?

Ans. The Spoken English course delves into the nuances of prolonged speaking practice, methods, and techniques and aids you in performing well in niche contexts like interviews, presentations, extempore, etc. This can involve acing an interview or making a strong presentation with assurance. You have a lot of practice speaking on various subjects.


Q.2 What is the preferable – online or offline course?

Ans. Online or offline learning, depending on the urge of your interest to learn and excel in your career. Both ways of learning have their benefits and limitations. So, you can choose your learning at your convenience and ease.


Q.3 Can I improve my vocabulary and grammar by joining this English speaking course?

Ans. The course will aid in your grammatical improvement by exposing you to expressions that you may use naturally and with ease, particularly in presentations, interviews, group discussions, extempore, chats, etc. Vocabulary will be introduced to you along with a tone of an interactive class of learning.


Q.4 Can the English speaking course in Delhi help me learn public speaking skills with confidence?

Ans. You will learn in great depth through the Spoken English course how to improve your performance in group discussions, presentations, extempore, and interviews, and generally improve your communication skills along with correctness and fluency when speaking English. You’ll be able to use this in several contexts and communicate your thoughts more persuasively.


Q.5 What is included as part of learning course material?

Ans. Usually, each spoken English classes have its own pace of interaction and learning concepts. Each course may have a thorough course manual and engaging online study tools are included with each Spoken English lesson. Additionally, you may receive a student e-book and a code for the learning system so you may use the self-access online exercises for additional practice.

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