The Purloined Letter | Significance of the Title

The Purloined Letter | Significance of the Title

Significance of the Title The Purloined Letter

Edgar Allan Poe was best suited for his gothic romance. His brilliant works were acclaimed by the contemporary critics and intellectuals. We cannot make any contemptuous account of his literary excellence. The experiments that he followed in his writings made him a person with an extraordinary talent. In the field of ‘detective’ stories or better be said ‘crime fiction’ as then the word ‘Detective’ was not coined, Edgar Allan Poe made an extraordinary contribution. The framing of mind, critical thinking and superb observation power were reflected in his writings, as well as both in poetic world and fictional writings.

For some initial parts, the writer was made a point of controversies but that did not affect his fame any more we all know that the creation of the character of Dupin was an effective one for that even after forty five years of his death his created character, Dupin was imitated by Arthur Conan Doyle in his creation of Sherlock Holmes. Irrespective of all other regional crime fiction the all credit of inspiration goes to Edgar Allan Poe.

The Purloined Letter was an important part of his series of “Crime Fiction’. The first story of the series, ‘The Murders in The Rue Morgue‘ where Dupin seems to handle the murder case of both daughter and mother made a dig in the genre of crime fiction. The present story, ‘The Purloined Letter’ is all about a stolen Letter of importance which owns by the Queen of France. The Minister D had stolen the letter and continuously blackmailed her for disclosing the secret.

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In the later part of the story the principal hero of the story, Dupin seems to engage himself in recovering the letter. He took the case out of excitement. There he initially did not demand for any money though later he was offered the double reward in exchange of the letter by the Prefect of French Police.

The way Dupin recovered the letter acquired a bunch of true acclamation from the readers. Actually in framing the character of Dupin, the writer had shown a great presence of mind. He had a great observation power that all were reflected in the character of Dupin.

The story is all about the intensity of the growing tension related to the confidential letter. In fact, through the course of the episode, Dupin has planned to execute his revengeful mind as a cold blooded villain. But that part of his intrigued mind remained behind the serene. At the climactic point of the story, the truth is revealed that Dupin was waiting to take revenge of the scrupulous minded French Minister who had once inflicted open Dupin in the past.

However, the failure of the French Police Prefect became a source of success for the detective. The story is all about the recovery of the letter. Hence, in this sense, the title of the story is highly appropriate as well as justified.

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