Symbolism in The Purloined Letter

Symbolism in The Purloined Letter

Symbols in The Purloined Letter

The Purloined Letter is such a story which discusses about high rated and intensified criminal facts. In a crime fiction a general source of knowledge about the crime and all the characters are interwoven. The theme of the story is specified here. All the characters are highly engaged in this work of solving the crime.

The light rated case is solved in a highly tensed atmosphere. A person’s reputation is a reputation of who they are to the public eyes. A person in the story having a risk at his reputation is running out of all confronted assumptions. The story also displays the theme that in a society who has the money holds the extreme level of power. In this story, is with the power of money is able to get, whatever he wants in life. Most of the characters involved in the e of high social standing and adjointly they are trying to solve the case of recovering the letter.

The story, The Purloined Letter also has some symbolical importance. The centre of point in the story is the letter which symbolized high power and confidential matter for which all characters and actions are interwoven together in a single thread. The letter that gets purloined (stolen letter) is the one that the mystery figure S— sends to the royal lady.

The story has a dark setting which emphasizes the fear of disclosure and the need for secrecy. The story also has a childish part. The way Dupin handles the case is really a child’s play. But the outcome of case is so grave that it becomes too difficult for the common readers comprehend.

The use of a check, or cheque, using Poe’s spelling, which G … sent to Dupin (8687) symbolically indicates that the letter became a marketable object.

The tobacco pipe and the smoke pattern are the high symbol suggests that imagination is an important role of analytical thinking. After all, Dupin’s main complaint is G—lack of imagination and vision.

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The green glasses symbolize Dupin’s desire to explore multiple versions of reality. He wears colored spectacles to see the world in a new light and with different eyes, like D’s.

The blue ribbons are a symbolic index allowing comparison of the detection methods of Dupin and G—. The blue ribbon hangs the cardboard, and so the letter flies through the air, and that’s why G – misses it.

G keys – symbolically represent the macabre surveillance tactics of the police – i.e. official law enforcement agency – but they are also symbols of exactly the same kind of wrong investigation.

However, the presentation of the story as the final part of the crime fiction (series) marks a significant criticality. The framing of the theme and due growth happens to the great expectation from the writer as happened in the previous two stories of the series. We cannot resist ourselves in making an acclamation to the writer’s brilliance. We almost candidly admit that, Edgar Allan Poe by this series has made himself a talent person in the history of crime fiction.

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