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Analyse the Character of Abigail Williams in Arthur Miller's The Crucible or Discuss Why Miller calls Abigail Williams the prime mover of Salem hysteria?

Miller says that the “structure” of The Crucible “centres on John, Elizabeth, and Abigail.” Reverend Parris’s niece Abigail has been dismissed from service by Elizabeth Proctor after she found out the illicit affair between Abigail and her husband seven months ago. Since then Abigail has been living with Par…


Toni Morrison's Depiction of Urban Life in Her Novel, Jazz

The fictional representation of the American city African American literature is often characterized by a stark manifestation of its hierarchical colour division. Interestingly, African American novels are replete with images of post-bellum migration to the city and the ghettozation of the “nigger.” Toni Morri…