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Journey of Indian English Drama

Intro: Drama is a composite art form. It is mimetic like all other performing arts in literature. It imitates life, particularly reflecting the three unities of time, place and action. “It is designed for representation on the stage by actors who act the parts of the characters of its story, and among wh…


R. K. Narayan's The Man Eater of Malgudi is an Allegory of Good and Evil. Discuss. or Theme of Love-Hate Relationship. or What is the moral or central idea of the novel?

Narayan holds a distinct position in the realm of Anglo-Indian literature . In Man Eater of Malgudi , he depicts the canvas without sounding preachy or cynical. The quiet landscape of  Malgudi  provides a suitable background for his fiction.  Malgudi  is a microcosm, this is a world within a world. Meenakshi Mukh…


Impact of the World War II on English Literature

World War I , the war that was originally expected to be “over by Christmas,” dragged on for four years with a grim brutality brought on by the dawn of trench warfare and advanced weapons, including chemical weapons. The horrors of that conflict altered the world for decades – and writers reflected that shifted …