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40 Outstanding Facts About Francis Bacon

What is Francis Bacon most famous for? There are few names that shine with greater brilliance than Francis Bacon ’s in the literary and scientific world to this day nearly four hundred years after his death. His is the life of high thinking, of genuine enthusiasm, of genuine desire to delight and benefit mank…


Deor's Lament: A Complete Analysis

Deor's Lament or Lament of Deor " Deor's Lament ", one of the precious gems of Anglo-Saxon literature is found to employ a refrain and stanza pattern quite artistically. It was found in the Exeter Book which has been dated to around 960-990 AD. The poem might, of course, be older than …


Blake's Mysticism and Symbolism in The Lamb

Blake's Mysticism and Symbolism in The Lamb William Blake was an extraordinary literary genius in the Age of Transition. He often used to say that ‘only imagination is real’ and that his task as a poet was to ‘open the mortal eyes of man inwards into the worlds of thought.’ His visionary quality and…